Hello! Writing a bio about myself is uncomfortable, so here's what I guess is pertinent for this little box.

Pastor's kid. Raised in South Florida. I've been playing piano since I was five. That was also the year God got a hold of my heart and made me His. 

I started getting passionate about writing music when I was 15. (Actually I started writing songs when I was 10 and I hope you never have to hear those.) 

Life is real, you know? Real good. Real hard. Usually at the same time. I like writing songs about reality. Real questions and a real God who is the answer. 

Still a pastor's kid. Still living in south florida. Only now I get to serve along side my dad as the director of music at New Life Baptist Church. That is quite unreal. 

That pretty much brings us to right now... hope you find something here that resonates with you. 




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